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Working papers

Beaujouan E. Solaz A, "Are family sizes of parents and children still related? revisiting the cross-generational relationship over the last century"

Bonnet Carole, Garbinti Bertrand, Solaz Anne, Gender Inequality after Divorce:The Flip Side of Marital Specialization Evidence from a French Administrative Database Document de travail Insee, G2016/03.

Pailhé A., Solaz A. Souletie A., "The effects of the French 35-hour workweek Regulation on Intra Household Time-Allocation"

Pailhé A., Solaz A.,"Is There a Wage Cost of Balancing Family and Work? Evidence Using Matched Employer-Employee Data"

Thévenon O., Solaz A. , "Labour Market Effects of Parental Leave Policies in OECD Countries "

Bonnet Carole, Garbinti Bertrand, Solaz Anne, "Is being half-time mother help to work? The role of shared custody on women’s labour force participation after divorce".

Bonnet Carole, Jeandidier Bruno, Solaz Anne "Prime et pénalité salariales à la vie en couple : mariage versus cohabitation"

Work in progress

Bonnet C., Pailhé A., Rapoport B., Solaz A, "Impact of birth timing on women’s careers: changes over generations?"

Kandil L. Le bouteillec N. Solaz A. "Rules or discretion in the access to collective daycare in a context of limited places? The case of France"

Navaux J., Bonnet C., D’Albis H., Pelletan J., Solaz A., Wolff F-C."What do we learn about gender inequality using a NTA approach? Some evidence for France over the 1979-2005 period."

Pailhé A., Solaz A, Stanfors M. "Gender disparities in housework in the long run: A comparative analysis of France, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK from the 80ies"