Work in progress

Work in progress

Working papers

Ariane Pailhé, Anne Solaz, Maxime Tô, "Can Daddies Learn How to Change Nappies? Evidence from a Short Paternity Leave Policy"

Bonnet Carole, Godet Fanny, Solaz Anne "Couple formation over 50 in France: gendered effects of income and marital status"

Carole Bonnet, Enrica Maria Martino, Benoit Rapoport, Anne Solaz, "Wealth Inequalities among Seniors : the Increasing Role of Marital Histories"

G. Ferrari, A. Solaz A. Vitali Does female-breadwinning still penalize all couples? Recent evidence from Female -breadwinner couples and union instability in France:a dynamic approach over the life course in France

Berger L., Panico L., Solaz A, Can early universal preschool reduce child development inequalities? The roles of intensity and length of exposure in France

Thévenon O., Solaz A. , "Labour Market Effects of Parental Leave Policies in OECD Countries "


Work in progress

Panico L., Solaz A. "Family instability and Educational outcomes in adolescence: the role of post-divorce childcare arrangements"

Giulia Ferrari, Anne Solaz “Til retirement do us part”? The divorce risk of seniors in France"

Kandil L. Le bouteillec N. Solaz A. "Rules or discretion in the access to collective daycare in a context of limited places? The case of France"

Gracia P., Panico L., Solaz A, "Does Family Structure Influence Adolescents’ Gendered Participation in Domestic Work? Evidence from the British Millennium Cohort Study"

Quentin Francou, Lidia Panico, Anne Solaz "The impact of early childcare trajectories on fertility: the case of France"

Carole Bonnet, Guilia Ferrari, Anne Solaz, Laurent Toulemon "Marital shocks and mortality in France: recent evidence from panel tax data"

Benoit Rapoport, Olivia Samuel, Anne Solaz, "Le travail domestique autour de la retraite"